By: susupetal

Feb 10 2012

Category: elämä/life, kuolema/death, manipulation, photopoems, portraits, sisäinen selfie/inner selfie


Focal Length:7.4mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G9

She’s hanging her head.

Is she asleep?

Is she dead?



22 comments on “Face/Kasvot”

  1. “Uneen aika vaipuu…” ja unikuvat pyörii jo mielen syvyyksissä.

  2. She is having a bad dream….

  3. Olen nähnyt kuolleita. Facta. Nuori nainen nukkuu ja näkee kauniita unia ja herää levollisena ja toiveita täynnä. Todella kaunis kuva taas, Susu!

  4. I wonder if she’s afraid? I am. I’m afraid to be alone. I’m afraid to be with people. They always avoid talking about her. They avoid mentioning her, its like her name is cursed. I want to talk about her. About loosing her. Some times I blame her. I’m guilt tripping. Often tripping out from the picture. Die young, stay pretty. She always made me feel pretty, special. Leave only the best behind. I want to be forgotten. I must be forgotten. She must be remembered.

    • It’s important to remember. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.
      People are scared of death, of hurting feelings with talk.
      To be afraid of being alone, to be afraid of being with people…that’s so familiar.

  5. Ei vielä ikiunta nuku, odottaa että jaksaa herätä.

  6. She has had enough of winter.

  7. Pois Hän on liukunut tästä hetkestä, jonnekkin missä tämä hetki ei Häntä kosketa. Haurasta!

  8. That thin cloth on her head? A mosquito net? Scarf? Some kind of protection anyway.

  9. Toiseksi edelliseen jäätyneeseen verrattuna on nyt sulanut ja nukkuu pelastuneen haurasta unta.

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